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Released: November 18, 2015

      I have been a huge fan of the Japanese Rock Band THE GAZETTE for quiet a few years now. They are my top favorite band right next BIGBANG. I was excited see and listen to their new single. got I my sister to make a reaction video with me!(Fangirling of course~) My sister, Bee, isn't too much of a Jrock VK fan, but she has a pretty good knowledge on the scene since she works as a writer for  a Visual Kei Jrock news website.
      Lucky fans from the fan club HERESY were able to join in the creation of this video!

Check out my reaction video right here!

This is the 2nd reaction video I posted up on YouTube!
Hopefully, this won't be taken down due to copyright etc. It has happened before...

Summarized Review of UGLY PV:
  • SONG  = 10/10
    • Loved it!
    • UGLY is one of The GazettE's more heavy and harder metal songs. Very angry vibe. I looked up the lyrics, and they were exactly just that. Angry.
    • It sounds more mainstream than the other tracks they released in their album DOGMA. I think that would be a contributing factor to how the song UGLY is able to get the attention of non-hardcore metal/screamo fans.
  • PV (Promotional Video or MV) = 8/10
    • Not necessarily violent, but extremely bloody. Continuous flow of blood scenes throughout the video.
    • Great Concept! 7 Deadly Sins... but the blood was kinda distracting.
    • Filming was well directed, and angles were strategic. I get the whole silhouette concept, but they could have showed more band member faces :'( Yes we got Ruki & Urea's faces flashing here and there, but what about the other members? buhu.
    • Not surprising anymore, but we see the extensive use of Caucasian models. I wonder if having Caucasian models in most of their videos is a necessary factor in expressing their songs through video, or maybe it's just their preference.
    • HAIR!!! Where are the other member's faces? All you can see is hair. Yes, we appreciate such fabulous hair flowing in mid head bang, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one dissatisfied with the fact I couldn't see other member's faces.
    • Was AOI even in the video? You can see his hair, but if a GazettE fan like me can't even spot the gorgeous man clearly, how else could other non-GazettE fans even notice his existence? (O_o) The man is gorgeous, he deserves more credit than saying, "He's the one with the black hair with a guitar, but without the zippers!"
    • Ruki's makeup! Throughout the video, Ruki's face would pop up here and there, and I could honestly say that I appreciate this "UGLY" look way more rather than his DOGMA look. Ruki looks hotter and less gothic, but hella badass at the same time. Hoodies are always great when used appropriately.
    • The synchronized head banging with the fans in the audience is almost hypnotizing. It makes you want to be a part of the event at that moment. Along with the music, the head banging of both the band and the audience hypes up the viewers, making them feel like they're witnessing a LIVE Concert. I give it a big thumbs up!
     Overall, I loved this new single UGLY definitely more than DOGMA. It's still under the same roof being both part of PROJECT: DARK AGE, but just one listen and look at UGLY already captured my heart.
     The band better have a WORLD TOUR soon. It better be one that includes a stop in the United States. This year, fan club members were able to experience taking part in their PV, while Mexico, South America, and Europe were all able to witness a live performance from The GazettE in 2013. Give your other North American fans a chance.  At least one stop in the USA in the next year. Please? OR ELSE! :P

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