[Anime] Synopsis / Review - My Love Story!! Episode 1

Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review [Anime] Ore Monogatari!! - My Love Story!! Episode 1 Synopsis! Recap! & Review!...

Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Ore Monogatari!! - My Love Story!!
Episode 1
Synopsis! Recap! & Review!
Note: The review is totally my opinion, and point of view~

     Takeo Goda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don't want him! (They always go for his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn! Takeo can hardly believe it when he crosses paths with Yamato again, and he finds himself falling in love with her… But with handsome Sunakawa around, does Takeo even stand a chance?
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Warning: Spoilers!  Read on at your own risk~

Episode 1 - Recap!!!

      In the first scene, it shows Takeo's graduation from middle school (he looked a little too big and too old to be belong there). After the ceremony, his underclassmen and classmates wept and said their goodbyes, saying that they will miss their beloved senpai (he was beg, but quite kind and friendly). Takeo rushes off to find his middle school crush, Satou, to finally confess his feelings for her, and stopped outside of a classroom. He sees Satou-san alone in the classroom face to face with his best friend Sunakawa, and witnesses her confess her feeling for him. Takeo, shocked, also witnesses Sunakawa reject her feelings and notices Takeo's presence, and both leaves together to go home.
    On their walk home, Takeo ponders how they were friends even after all his crushes since kindergarten fell for and were rejected by Sunakawa. The answer was simply, because they lived in the same apartment complex and both their moms were friends. For the past 10 years, although different tastes in hobbies, they hung out and never fought.

Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review

     The next scene shows Takeo's natural protective nature, as he tells Sunakawa that after he heard that a strange man was after children, he stayed outside of the elementary to guard and eyed every man that passed by as suspicious, in the end someone reported him to the police, that he was making the elementary school uncomfortable. This story makes Sunakawa laugh, and Takeo thinks to himself that for the girls that were curious this is how Takeo laughs.
     On the train, Takeo observes Sunakawa smoothly offering a woman with child his seat, and attempts to do the same for the old man that entered the train, but was ignored. Sunakawa, standing beside him, points out that there was a suspicious looking man with his hand under a girl's skirt. His protective instincts automatically fired up, he runs to the man, grabbed his hand and twisted it. 
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
The girl victim slowly turns around and with a sweet voice tells Takeo quietly, "Thank you."
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Takeo freezes and stares at her shining orbs (with an idiotic sound effect coming from his mouth), obviously falling in love.

      They get off the train and the girl offers to go with them to the police. At the koban/police box, the officer told Takeo to let go of the groper and listen to what the man had to say. At first the man claimed innocence and pointed at the teens for assaulting him. In their defense, the girl they saved spoke up saying the two guys helped her. In reply, the man rudely states that the short length of her school uniform skirt was simply asking for her behind to groped. 
      The statement, again, fired up Takeo's protective instincts as he punched the groper straight on the face, knocking him out. the realization slowly dawned to to him that he punched a man right in front of the police.

Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review

     Takeo ended up getting suspended from school. He was lazily lying on his floor when Sunakawa visits him to give homework for the day. Takeo's mother entered the room telling him that there was a girl named Yamato to see him. Both guys were thinking who could the girl possibly be, and Sunakawa pointed out that the room wasn't exactly presentable for female guests. The big guy rushed to stuff all the mess in his closet, but it was already too late when the girl Yamato entered the room. They saw that Yamato was actually the same cute girl that they helped in the train. In Takeo saw her with his "in love" glasses, her face sparkling as she thanked him for saving her the other day. Instantly Takeo thought to himself: "I like her!"
     Sunakawa got up to leave early, but Yamato refused to let him go, because she brought a cake to be shared together. Takeo then saw the familiar pattern of a girl that he liked was attracted to his handsome best friend Suanakawa.
     Tasting what Yamato bought, Takeo was amazed by the deliciousness and quickly finished the rest of what Suanakwa pointed out was a cheesecake. Sunakawa gets up to leave and Yamato follows him, saying that she had to go too. Takeo thinks to himself again that he was the one who helped her, but he probably had his hopes high with her. At least he got a cake out of it. They said their goodbyes and the two left. He tells himself it's fine, and he helped a girl who turned out to be a nice girl.
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
That gave him the strength to go on. End of story!

      A few minutes later he hears a cellphone ringing and answers it. It was Yamato calling from a phone box that she left her phone. They made an appointment to see each other and return the phone. 
      Next scene, Sunakawa and takeo is walking from school, and Takeo shows his friend the phone. He thinks to himself that Yamato would be expecting for his handsome friend to go with him as well, so he drags him along to the park. They meet Yamato, she thanks them for returning her phone, and she offered to share with them the new bake goods she brought. They sit on a park bench, and one again Tako was amazed by the baked good, this time was macarons which Yamato revealed she made. Takeo stares at her wondering to himself why she acts so cute and nervous all the time, if she was in love. Sunakawa points out that Takeo was way too close to her face for comfort, the reason why shes nervous. He gets up suddenly to go to the toilet. 
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
     In the restroom, Takeo has his head under the faucet with water pouring down on him, wondering why emotions don't go the way we want them to, and that falling for her will just make things awkward. He returns to the park bench soaking wet, and other two helped dry him up with napkins. He kept thinking: If Yamato's heart breaks, it will be really sad, so decided that he wants to help her by hooking her up with Sunakawa. With that resolve, he suggest to meet again to taste another pastry that she can bake. Yamato is happy and suggests something new.
     On their way home, Sunakawa tells Takeo what he talked about with Yamato while Takeo was away. Sunakawa says , "She's kind of nice." Takeo realizes that this was the first time that Sunakawa ever said something nice about a girl. Suddenly, Yamato bumped into Takeo's back, sweaty and out of breath from running. She forgot to ask for his number so they can plan out for the next meeting.
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review
Ore Monogtari/ My Love Story/俺物語/ Anime Review

      Takeo offers her a handkerchief and said that she can keep it. He gives her his number on a paper that he wrote down on, and Sunakawa told him he could have just used infra red to transfer information :P
      They watch her as she leaves. Sunakawa watches, his figure shows his eyes covered by his hair. Takeo thinks again that Yamato must really like Sunakawa. He made up his mind, declaring to himself that he will be officially her cheerleader, and that she shouldn't worry, because he'll help her hook up with Sunakawa.

The End!


      The plot of the story got me really interested to try to watch it. On the week that it was released, I had a time in between classes, and sat down to eat in the science building at my college to eat. I decided to watch it on my iPad with my earphones on while I eat as I waited for my afternoon class.

Plot: 3/5
    Before watching, I thought it would already be pretty predictable based on the plot. Hearing Takeo's deep booming voice was also expected, but made me think, "This guy is sooo not a middle schooler.."

Story: 4/5
     Other than that, the story will draw you into wanting to know what will happen between these three students: 
  • How far will Takeo go to make Yamato & Sunakawa a couple? 
  • How does Yamato really feel? 
  • Will Sunakawa end up falling for Yamato? 
  • Is Sunakawa aware of Takeo's feelings at all? 
  • Does Sunakawa even like girls??!?!!
  • It's enough to keep you wanting more~

Characters: 4/5
  • So far every one has been great. Takeo is especially a funny main character and not boring to watch. It helps that his voice actor is so animated in making sound effects to really make his character so huge and ungraceful, opposed to how kind he really is. A good thing about his charter is that it shows that big guys aren't always the bad guys. The reality is that society really does prefer those attractive and gentle looking, rather than those who are not. 
  • Sunakawa on the other hand, his character somewhat reminds me of Hanazawa Rui from Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers). Anyone else thinks so? The quiet and cool, handsome casanova, except he doesn't really acknowledge any girl that's attracted to him.
  • Yamato, thankfully, is not an annoying girly girl like in other animes/mangas. She cute, sweet, and has a talent for baking. I too wonder why she's nervous all the time, but that's just her personality. Basically, she's the ideal lovable school girl that any guy could like, so how can Sunakawa not fall in love with her? Hmmnn???

Voice acting: 5/5
      What made me really laugh was how the underclassmen were saying his goodbyes. The voice acting of the characters, even the minor ones, were really well done and believable. Nothing boring or too annoying, even Yamato's high pitched voice was cute and tolerable.

Overall: 3.7/5
     The anime just barely started, but it was definitely an entertaining first episode!

Is it worth watching?
    I would say, YES! This huge guy is just adorable, and I support him, plus I'm really curious and how and who will really end up together!

Thank you for reading!^^

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