ONE OK ROCK San Francisco March 18, 2016 | Monster Energy Outbreak Tour The Regency Ballroom

ONE OK ROCK #MonsterEnergyOutBreakTour2016  The Regency Ballroom San Francisco March 18, 2016  ~Welcome to another one of my Detail...

ONE OK ROCK #MonsterEnergyOutBreakTour2016  The Regency Ballroom San Francisco March 18, 2016 

~Welcome to another one of my Detailed & Extensively Long Concert Live Experience Reports~
Me in my OOR #OOTD. In the VIP line in front of The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. Photo by Bee~

ONE OK ROCK #MonsterEnergyOutBreakTour2016 
The Regency Ballroom San Francisco
March 18, 2016 
Scroll down to read on my Experience in Detail :3
I tend to write up SUPER LONG blog posts on my concert experiences (or everything). I don't know why but I can't help but be super detailed about what I write. Feel free just to skim my notes and skip around :)

Make sure to check out BEE's ONE OK ROCK #MonsterEnergyOutbreakTour2016 San Francisco blogpost! She actually has great shots of all the band members rocking out on stage! Also, more pictures of my group before, after, and during the concert :P
It has a little more "BEHIND THE SCENES" Clips :P
Skip to the end of the video @16:30 for our post-concert impressions~

I'd say this experience was a rollercoaster of emotions. I shall explain why:
  1. Stress. I had a quiz in my least favorite engineering class (how I despise that subject) that day at 12pm. I got out at 1:30 to leave for San Francisco with Bee & Jimmy, which took us 3 hours with horrible HORRIBLE traffic. We were supposed to be at the venue before 4 PM. We arrived at 4:30 PM.
  2. Sadness. Bee & I had the VIP package, but since we arrived half an hour late, we weren't able to reach the VIP Meet & Greet time slot with ONE OK ROCK. The band's manager came out, talked to me, apologized, and gave me the signed 35xxxv Deluxe CD and laminate that was included in the VIP package. I told him, but mostly myself that it was alright; it couldn't be helped that I had a quiz that day and we went through such horrible traffic to be there as soon as we can. As we stood in line, the longer we waited, I had more time to think to myself about what happened, the more depressed I became. There were only a handful of us ONE OK ROCK VIP holders, and I saw on Instagram the Meet & Greet photos of the people in the same VIP line. Bee & I were quiet in our disappointment the rest of the time. (I hate that class that gave me that quiz in the morning EVEN MORE after what happened here -__-)
  3. Excitement. When the doors finally opened up, we were able to choose the spot at the very front to the right, in front of Toru! The excitement was enough to distract us from our disappointment earlier. The realization that we were actually gonna see ONE OK ROCK up close and LIVE was starting to hit us! 
  4. Amazement & Happiness! I think that's pretty obvious from the sounds we were making in my concert vlog (lolz). They were just there standing a few feet away from us, giving an amazing performance! I felt so lucky to be able to be that close in a smaller venue, compared to their ginormous stadium concert lives back in Japan.
  5. Post-Concert Depression. Why do good things have to end? Tell me, WHY?! (T^T)
 photo oorsf3_zpsbpr5vfrx.jpg
Bee & I waiting in the VIP line in front of The Regency Ballroom with our laminate.

Background of my OOR Fandom!
        I've loved One Ok Rock since 2011, when I found their newly released PV for RE:MAKE on YouTube (I had a lot of time on hands back then lolz^^). Ultimately, Taka's way of singing English and Japanese sounding like English intrigued me! The music video was also really cool, and I remember they had a promotion on FaceBook that time for RE:MAKE which was an app when you played the MV, the screen of your computer looks like it was breaking down from the awesome drumming. Haha.
     Speaking of awesome drumming, other than Taka, the first guy I became interested in from the band was the drummer, Tomoya! In RE:MAKE you can't really see anyone's face clearly anyway, so my fascination with the band wasn't shallow based on their appearance or anything. I think it's the way Tomoya threw his hair around while he smashes the drums during the chorus [Check out starting @2:35 of the PV ^_^]. Ryota was the other one that caught my attention from his posture in holding his glow-in-the-dark bass, and head banging.
      When I find something awesome, I share it with everyone I know. Naturally, my sisters and my friends loved them and became fans too. Our favorite would remain to be RE:MAKE, because of that part of the song he says "Wakaruyo Baka janai" with a seemingly American accent! :"D (I say American, because I took Japanese class in high school and whenever we would talk in class, it would sound like that. Haha)
      2014, I finally had the chance to see them when they announced a concert for Los Angeles at the Club Nokia venue. I bought my tickets as soon as possible, only to have to give them away to someone online a few weeks later, because I couldn't attend the concert from living too far from LA </3 The next opportunity I had was a few months later at the Mountain View stop for Warped Tour 2014. I was busy that day. Next was 2015 Back to the Future Hearts Tour in San Jose on a Wednesday, I had midterms that week. Darn school. To be honest, I had some ugly drama with people that went on about attending the Warped Tour to see them, and after that it was difficult to listen to any new song releases from ONE OK ROCK, because listening to their songs just reminded me of that annoying situation and event. It was around the JINSEIxBOKU era, I believe.
       The reason why I went back to listening to them was, because of someone requested on my YouTube channel for me to make a reaction video to their latest PV for the song THE WAY BACK. I never stopped loving them, but at that point, I only knew their old songs. OMG I LOVED IT and I'm sucked back right in. We already knew we'd love it. ONE OK ROCK sort has this certain standard permanently placed in our minds that they will be hella awesome no matter what.
        As soon as they announced a San Francisco Tour earlier this year in 2016, I didn't hold back. I bought VIP tickets for both my sister, Bee & I! I even made a cover of CRY OUT, because it became one my absolute favorites as soon as I heard it the first time, and I don't know how else to show my love for them other than singing their songs ^_^
My ONE OK ROCK San Francisco #MonsterEnergyOutBreakTour2016 Experience!
 photo oorsf1_zpsydyot1mj.jpg
Tomoya setting up is drum set with the roadies on stage (this photo contained great amount of roadie BUTTS facing the audience, so had to crop and zoom into Tomoya so it won't be too distracting~ Haha :"D
     Bee, Jimmy and I arrived at the venue (you already know what happened). Bee and I were at the VIP line, and Jimmy had to line up at the general admission line. My other sister met us up at the Venue since she lives somewhere else. When they started letting us in, the VIP line came first. Bee & I decided to buy our OOR merchandise first, but we still managed to get a pretty good spot in the front. We didn't end up at the very front, but thank goodness we found a spot behind other really short people, because I'm also very short in American standards. Yes, I'm a short Asian. That spot happened to be in from of Toru's microphone stand!

      The concert was starting, and the first band, Night Verses took the stage. I'm guessing they are not so popular yet, since we initially thought they were roadies setting up for another band... until they started playing. The sound of the microphone was terrible! Terrible, as in you cannot hear a word the singer was saying. I wonder if they had a soundcheck before going on stage, and if the band noticed that we were having trouble understanding their songs by the expression of the audience. Even when they were jumping around the stage, the band all together looked shy. The guitarist who was right in front of me was looking down at his feet during the entire set. The most memorable thing about this band was the topless tall and toned drummer with long hair, that the girls beside me were taking videos and photos of then he was taking his equipment of the stage after their set. He was actually pretty hot, and the main source of charisma in the band. 
     ONE OK ROCK's turn! 
     What we've all been waiting for! Note, this is my first time ever seeing the band LIVE. As seen in my video, Tomoya comes out to set up his drum set, and the crowd goes crazy for him. It's so different from when he's actually performing with the band, so serious. He goes back to backstage after he's set up, the lights dim and their is starting. Tomoya reappears on stage, this time with Ryota! 
       Getting excited with the just the intro, this was really happening and we were there. It became surreal when freaking Toru came out and stood right in from of me. Toru, who became my crush recently after I was able to really see his face in their latest PV's, was right in front of me! *o* You heard all those fangirl squeals in the video, that wasn't just me. Haha! 
       It got real when Taka came out. Taka, the main man, the face of the band, out of the computer screen! (sad, I know). We knew it was gonna be a short set, so every song that they played was a relief and at the same time brought us fear that was ending soon. Thank God that they didn't have any microphone troubles like the last band.
I have to say if you think they're good in video, they are definitely EVEN BETTER LIVE! (*O*)
Set List
  1. TAKE ME TO THE TOP - Taka looked like he was about to breakdance in the start of the song! Spent the entire time taking a video, but the kids in front of me were rocking out with the band.
  2. CRYOUT - This song... Just hit straight at the heart! The song in the PV was great, but seeing them perform this song was AMAZING! Especially after the "Shout it out now!" part <3 I sang along with the entire song by heart, and by the end of it I was exhausted and out of breath as if I was the one on stage singing. Too much feels! Singing along with the others in the crowd in the chorus like a call-and-response with the band during the bridge and chorus.
  3. STUCK IN THE MIDDLE - I had a moment with Tomoya here at the end when I stopped taking the video. He has going crazy on his drums and I sang along with ,"Now I'm left with nothing," throwing my hands pointing at him, and he saw me and flashed my way his intense rockin face "Yeah!!!" And I'm like, Yaaay!!! Haha ^.^
  4. DECISIONS - Featuring Tyler Carter from ISSUES. Sounded great, and Taka's voice really resonated in the entire venue, vocalizing and showcasing his skills.
  5. THE LAST DANCE - Beautiful! :"3 Toru had this really serene expression during this performance. For sure, he felt the FEELS. I was surprised that they chose to do this song, but not THE WAY BACK. It still set a good mood for the entire venue, and all the fans were singing along in the chorus.
  6. MIGHTY LONG FALL - This was memorable one, a great choice of their last song. I loved this extended version that they usually perform in concerts. It gives Toru & Tomoya the chance to rock out real hard at the end. This was my song during my week long post-concert depression (T^T) buhuhu.
        The lighting on the stage made it hard to see their faces, except for Tomoya. Most of the lighting came from above the stage, flashing the crowd, therefore what we mostly saw was their silhouette. The band seriously loves jumping around the stage, which makes everyone else want to jump around too! Their time working out at the gym and care for their fitness is apparent in the stage performance. ~ROCKSTAR STAMINA!!!~  ;D Haha.
        I was surprised and little disappointed that they didn't perform THE WAY BACK. I was sure that they would since it's more recent than Cry Out, plus we absolutely love that song. They might have performed it in different cities though.... Oh well, we still had a great time.
 photo oorsf2_zps2yeowdy5.jpg
The only really good photo of Toru I got from the entire concert that he was in front of me... at least Tomoya is in the background ^^;

The Band

  • Tomoya - He had crazy expressions the entire time! He knew how to control the crowd from the behind his drum set at the back of the stage. It was hard not to notice how crazy he got at the back. Even after the concert, Jimmy (not so familiar with the band) had to point out Tomoya and his expressions.
  • Ryota - I wish I saw more of him and his crazy head-banging with his bass, but I was definitely happy when he went to our side of the stage even just for a little while. I find it amusing the he goes out on stage with a big-ass oversized shirt on like the hip-hop breakdancer he is, but always takes it off in concerts anyway :D 
  • Taka - Man, he was good. I can't say anything else, really. If you see in my video, whenever he approached my side of the stage, the video get really bad. That's because I was making sure that I got to see his face with properly without my phone in the way. I think I had eye contact a couple of times with Taka while I was just really focused on singing along with him.
  • Toru - This guy... I have lot's to say about him since he was in front of me pretty much most of their setlist. Haha. Wah, he looks just like the PV's and videos, so cute! However, his awesome hair was always covering his face when he wasn't banging his head around. His bangs made it hard to tell where he was looking. I remember he was mostly looking at his guitar... or was he looking at us, the crowd in from of him. Darn awesome hair on Toru which is not so awesome to the audience! It makes me wonder, you know since I've been right in front of him the entire time, if he ever saw me in the crowd. I think he did, I'm not sure, but I'm hoping he did even if he'll never remember. Haha. UPDATE EDIT: So apparently in Bee's concert vlog, I said that I had a moment with Toru (*o*) yasss!!!

      There was a pretty good number of Japanese fans in the venue. We were right beside a group in the front. One of the girls pointed out to us that it was going to be ONE OK ROCK up next, because it's their staff thats setting up of stage. They were really nice, and we'd sing along together with the band. They were thrown off by the English versions of CRY OUT & Mighty Long Fall. I haven't listened to the English version of Mighty Long Fall either so we were in it together. Haha!

      They left the stage without waving at us or saying goodbye! :( It kinda felt like you're being rejected by your crush. Yeah Toru, I'm talking about you! Hmmppff >.> Well, it wasn't only Toru, it was all the members, like they totally dropped their stage persona. Well after that, we were confused if they planned to come back on stage because they didn't say goodbye... Break our hearts even more why don't you </3

     There were a lot of other Asians in the crowd, and obvious majority of us were there for ONE OK ROCK. The demographic of the crowd shifted after their performance, and the Asians were replaced by dominantly caucasian American fans for the bands Crown The Empire and ISSUES.

     After ONE OK ROCK, our group migrated to the balcony to right of the stage. We had a pretty good view of the "backstage" (side of the stage) where you can see Tomoya, Ryota, and Taka occasionally pop up to watch the other bands. Tomoya's eyes in particular was plastered on the drummers of Crown The Empire & ISSUES. Taka would watch the stage and the crowd when it started to get crazy with a circular mosh pit. Glad to be at the balcony at this point of the concert! :3
      Crown the Empire & ISSUES both had a great crowd. Crown the Empire, if I remember correctly, was mostly Emo Screamo, while ISSUES had more old school hip-hop influence in their rock music. Both bands had great singers with amazing voices! If they choose to, they probably would become very successful if the singers went mainstream American pop or RnB music.

The Venue
     I've been to concerts at The Regency Ballroom several times already in the past, so I already knew what to expect. What I haven't experienced is going to a concert for particularly for a band that wasn't the main act. ONE OK ROCK was one of the 3 bands who opened for ISSUES, the main act. I'm not sure about the popularity of the other bands, but I knew that a large number of the audience members were there just for ONE OK ROCK.
     The venue wasn't filled out like I've seen before. Maybe only half of the floor space was taken up, and some were on the balcony which wasn't filled up either. This can also be the result of poor promotion for the San Francisco stop of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The only time that the ONE OK ROCK Official FaceBook page promoted the actual tour after they announced the ticket sales a month before, was just the day before or the morning of the actual concert! Strange, right? I know that when they posted up about the San Francisco stop, lots of people commented similarly on the FaceBook post, "Why didn't I know this?! I live so close, I could have went to see them!" Very questionable indeed.
      Did they not care enough about this tour to be promoting it? Not even on the band's official and personal social media accounts like instagram?
       It still turned out pretty nicely for us, since it was easy to get a great spot due to the fact that we were only a small amount of people in the crowd. No ugly shoving and pushing for the railing, and competition to get the best spot, unlike what I've experienced in the past rock concerts I've attended. The notion that they didn't have a large turnout is because they're not popular in America, is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure ONE OK ROCK is currently the most popular mainstream rock band in Japan (says the Japanese fans at the concert), and would have been able to rake up hundreds of more fans if they did promotions properly. I've been to less popular Japanese concerts, and I still get crushed in the crowds just for those.
      Another possibility would probably be that some fans would rather wait for their actual SOLO concert for just them, than attend this mixed event. As a fan, I'd still go to both. Still, I'd blame it on careless tour promotion.

        In a month from now, I'll be back in at The Regency Ballroom for yet another Japanese rock band~ One that is less popular & less mainstream in Japan than ONE OK ROCK. This one, however, is a solo concert and I already fear for my dear life, since I know that my body will be crushed in this event. Y'all know what concert that is?
         I might be wrong (though I highly doubt it. foreign fandom too strong), but let's see what happens.
 photo oorsf9_zps9sq9jxor.jpg
My goodies: ONE OK ROCK Merchandise Haul! $35 Hoodie, $20 shirts, $5 rubber wristband
      We ended the night pretty early, but still had a two hour drive on the highway back home. We were wearing our ONE OK ROCK hoodies that we all bought, and stopped by the IN-n-OUT Burgers by the San Francisco Intl. Airport to grab a bite to eat before heading home. As usual, the fast-food joint is packed inside, so Bee & I waited on the outdoor tables while Roxxie & Jimmy went to order inside. While we waited there, a group of Asians passed by and looked at us in our OOR hoodies (lolz sorry but it's true). They said something like "Everyone is going to IN-n-OUT after the ONE OK ROCK concert..." Obviously they just went to the same concert. I'm not sure if the tone they used had a certain connotation to it, but hey, we got there before they did. Haha.

      On the way back home, we blasted more ONE OK ROCK on the stereo, buzzed from the excitement from the concert... Then we remembered our missed Meet&Greet and the post-concert depression started kicking in... (TT^TT) rollercoaster of emotions, right?

      I'm definitely waiting for the next chance to see ONE OK ROCK again in the future. Next time, I will MAKE SURE to be early so I can experience VIP benefits properly without regret and heartbreak :'(

And that's all for another one of my extensively long Concert Report!
Again, make sure to check out BEE's CONCERT REPORT here!
 I have the details, she has the pictures for them. Watch her CONCERT VLOG too!

Share with me your own ONE OK ROCK concert experiences too! I'd love to read about them^^


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  1. I didn't mind the long post! Sorry u missed the m&g.:-(

    1. I'll try not to be late next m&g Thanks for reading! ^_^

  2. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout the LA event venues adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.