[Vlog#1] Why I Love the The GazettE | World Tour16 Thoughts [1/16/16]

MY FIRST TALKING VLOG! I felt extremely awkward filming by myself in my own room... I'll get used to it if I make more talking vlog...

I felt extremely awkward filming by myself in my own room... I'll get used to it if I make more talking vlogs like this I guess. Hehe ^^;
So here are my thoughts and my whole Jrock beginnings if anyone is interested ^_^

If you were to interview The GazettE, what questions would you ask them? What would you want to know about them right now?
Share it with me on the comments section on this blog or on the youtube video. Thanks!^^
Points from my Vlog, and added information!
  • I got my VIP tickets to San Francisco!
    • Yes, I am genuinely and utterly happy about this, and I know I will just become a ball of nerves when time of the actual concert comes. I just know it! How lucky for me that they will actually be coming to San Francisco as one of their 4 tour stops in the USA?! Thank you God (and The GazettE) for giving me this opportunity to see them at least once in my life.
    • I'm a college student. The concert is going to take place during MIDTERMS with the Spring semester about to end, so extreme stress in addition to anticipation for the concert are expected. I WILL WORK HARD TO BE ON TOP OF ALL MY RESPONSIBILITIES SO I CAN ENJOY THE CONCERT WITHOUT RESTRAINT!
  • I wasn't able to The GazettE's 2013 World Tour stop in Mexico City.
    • I am an avid traveler. I have traveled across the Pacific Ocean several times in my life by myself ever since the age of 12. I already had pocket money saved up for traveling to Mexico and back. However,  my family and friends insisted that it was a horrible idea to go to Mexico, because of the constant news reports of drug cartel violence and kidnappings in Mexico. After talking to her co-workers, my mom then totally forbade me to go, saying that it would be better if they went to USA or Korea or some other place, but not Mexico (the problem is that they were going to Mexico!). I was distraught, and very angry. I didn't talk to my mom for a month or two. It took a little more than a year for me to forget that.
  • How I started liking The GazettE:
    • After I found Cassis and Filth in the Beauty, I looked for any concerts The GazettE had. The first one I found was the Nameless Liberty Six Guns 2006 Tour DVD. Before watching the concert, I watched the long NLSG 2006 documentary that came with the concert. I already fell in love with their personalities from the documentary, even though it had already been several years since it was filmed. What I appreciated was the realization that they still played in such small "Live Houses" in the documentary, but they were able to lift themselves higher up in the ranks of Jrock bands to larger concert halls by persisting and working hard.
    • After watching the documentary, I watched the concert alone in my living room on a quiet afternoon. I just sat on the couch with a frown on my face. I didn't know any of the songs playing, I was not used to watching or listening to pretty hard sounding Japanese rock bands, and the concept of VISUAL KEI perplexed me, which at the same time made me very curious. As I said in the video, I only listened to K-POP for the past several years. I was breaking down my own barriers. I watched as the members of the band play such hard music and jumping around on stage song after song. I was amazed at how much stamina they had to keep going for 2 hours! Just sitting there watching them jump around on my TV made me feel exhausted for them! 
    • During the encore of the concert, Ruki suddenly held a red guitar and a ballad started playing. "Ah! Finally, a song I actually know!" Cassis was the song on my iPod that caught my attention from The GazettE which pushed me to learn more about them. Along with this beautiful song, this amazing and such heartfelt performance made such a deep impression on me. Since then, Cassis has been my absolute favorite song from The GazettE ever since the beginning until now.
    • [BEFORE THEY WERE TAKEN DOWN FROM YOUTUBE] Watching many videos of interviews of the GazettE was what made me learn more about all the members and fall in love with all their personalities.
  • Why they are my favorite band!
    • The reason why I was so frustrated from being unable to attend the Mexico concert is because it was the only chance I had to see my favorite rock band ever. They weren't just some Japanese rock band; they meant the world to me. I know it sounds trite and cliche coming from a fangirl like me, but they really did affect my life greatly. A little more than a year before the World Tour 13, I was faced with one of the biggest challenges in my life. I was able to endure 5 months of suffering, discipline and hard work, and I was able to accomplish on of my life's biggest goals, because I had the GazettE to look up to. Watching them, I was able to persevere, and they reminded me that I can become the best I can ever be as long as I worked hard and kept on going. I would watch their videos and songs from their early days until the most recent ones, and what a huge difference there was. 
    • Studying Ruki and his improvement in singing and performing from their debut in 2002 up until their 10th anniversary in 2012, inspired me greatly, "If Ruki can do it, I can do it too." His singing in his early days was far from attractive compared to how he sounds like singing today. In addition to the 5 months suffering, discipline and hard work, Ruki in particular inspired me to practice singing everyday. Watching his confidence and charisma, I was able to learn from his and perform on stage in large events and contests in California, like the San Francisco J-POP SUMMIT.
    • LONG STORY SHORT: Loving The GazettE made it possible for me to strive and become the best I could ever be; I was able to move mountains, become my most confident and beautiful, and most importantly, I was able to prove to myself and everyone else around me that I CAN DO IT. And I did it.
      • [That accomplishment, I will keep as a secret until I feel it would be appropriate]
    • As long as they keep working hard, they will continue to be my inspiration to become my very best to succeed in life, and in improving my talents.
  • My GOALS by the time of the GazettE's concert San Francisco concert in May is become STRONGER & to build up my STAMINA!
    • As I said in the video, I have experienced the painful and violent crowds of a DIR EN GREY concert from both their 2013 & 2015 San Francisco concert. It's probably not as bad some other rock concerts out there and I admit I had so much fun, but... the overcrowding, the muscle strains from constantly pushing each other in the crowd, the inability to move my hands away from being folded stuck on my body, the dehydration, the foot pain I endured from standing for many hours in line waiting and during the concert, the intense body heat of those bodies of strangers plastered entirely on my sides and back and front, the bodily pains that remained until several days after the concert... Those factors were enough to traumatize me in attending rock concerts... but not enough to keep me from seeing the GazettE.^^
    • In order to make the concert a little more bearable for myself, I want to become more fit to be able to endure the experience because I know I want to go crazy for my favorite rock band ever, and enjoy the entire evening without by body wearing down to quickly.
    • Oh! And of course! I also want to look good! I did buy the VIP pass for the concert, and I don't want to scare off The GazettE and making them never want to come back to San Francisco ever again by looking like an ugly potato! Haha :'D that would be sad...
    • FITNESS 2016! New Year, Improved Me! [This is a pretty good excuse for myself to work hard and to focus on getting healthy ^_^] 
    • Seriously, MAY is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! I better look good by my BIRTHDAY MONTH! (Writing this down on here should bring me even more pressure to actually do something about it... Haha... Oh god... o_o)
  • What I look forward to in the concert!
    • I'm kinda worried and at the same time I'm already expecting that KAI will be covered by his drum set (T_T) I pray that by the time of the concert, the stage and drum set will be set up in a way that we can see KAI and his magically beautiful face while he plays the drums~ If not, then, that would suck for very short people like me in the crowd. I also hope to see one or two glimpses of KAI's Notorious Angelic Smile. These past years, that sight has been a rare thing to see (in pictures and videos at least), so even if I am really hoping to see it, I won't put my hopes up. The once Angelic Smile is now, I believe, ultimately replaced with a Fierce Glare and Venomous Eyes... unless a miracle happens or something :(
    • AOI's sexy hip sway movements to the beat! :3 (crossing my fingers to see that in FITB or Hesitating Means Death). Also, I want to see AOI's signature sexy smirk in person! There is just something about that man that makes people unable to ignore him... Incredible talent and charisma no doubt. How exciting it would be to see that in person! :D
    • URUHA... Such a beautiful man... I'm terrified to see him in person. I probably will look like an ugly potato anyway during the "Meet & Greet/High Five" VIP event with him in the same room. Oh URUHA! Please bless me with your grace and beauty! I will work hard to be worthy to stand in front of you when I see you in MAY! Other than that, I am so excited to witness URUHA's epic guitar solos! Such a beautiful and graceful performer emitting such deep and heavy guitar riffs, I will make sure to engrave it into my memory!
    • REITA'S FACE! I know that Japanese fans think it's so normal now, but for fans abroad, SEEING REITA'S れいた (NOSE BAND) IN PERSON GIVES US LIFE!!! I also look forward to all the cool gestures he'll try to make throughout the concert. I want to see him chest-pump the way he did during the Ride of the Rockers at Tokyo Dome! (*_*) I wish they will play 'LINDA ~Pinky Heavens... so we can see him twirl with his base, and rock out beating with Ruki. Totally, I bet the れいた is full of magic and I wanna see it!
    • Oh RUKI~ Ruki, ruki, dearest RUKI~ There is no doubt that most of the attention would be on him the entire night. At this moment, I can't think of anything I really demand to see from him, but just his Amazing and Powerful voice. I really expect an AMAZING and POWERFUL performance from this great mastermind. TBH, Fan Service would be nice :3
      I hope they don't mind foreign fans singing along with them the entire concert, because I am soooo wrecking my vocal chords in the concert from singing my heart out. That's just how I show my love, and I will not hold anything in!

     The World Tour16 is titled DOGMATIC TROIS, so we know that most of the songs in the shows will be mostly from the album, DOGMA. Although songs from DOGMA are new and nice and dark, it wasn't exactly my favorite album that the GazettE has released so far. To be honest, most of their long time fans from the USA are anticipating their all time favorites from their albums all through their career! The setlist from their World Tour 2013 was great! It had all their up-beat and hit songs. Never have they ever held a concert in the USA before, so we haven't had the luxury to experience those songs yet. 
   However, I am really hoping that they would consider playing some of their All Time Badass Sexy Songs! Here I have a list made of songs that I hope they would play that is not in DOGMA.)

MY IDEAL FUN SONGS (I wish that they would play in the USA!)
~Headache Man (Go crazy let go song!)
~Cockroach (this is where I anticipate Aoi's lovely dance and hip movements~ *-*)
~Linda (Party song!)
~Filth in the Beauty (THEY BETTER DO THIS ONE!)
~My Devil On The Bed (Yaaaass, sexy song ;3)
~Inside Beast (Another sexy song ;3 Plus, I love Kai's drumming like a marching band :D)
~Required Malfunction & Attitude (Dubstep! It's like a rave in a rock concert ;P )
~Hesitating Means Death (More head banging!)
~Gabriel in the Gallows (I wanna hear Ruki say my name... XD)
~Agony (Ruki raps! *o*)
~Mr. Vermin (My ultimate hype up work out song! My morning run song ^_^)

SONG PICKS OF MY DREAMS~ (Songs I want to hear before I die.)
~Cassis (My ultimate favorite~)
~Anti-Pop (The sing along with the crowd is adorable :3)
~Mad Murder's TV (I just really like this song for some reason. It's fun)
~Nausea & Shudder (Epic start, epic solos, love)
~The Invisible Wall (I'm pretty sure this is the first GazettE song ever for many people like me)
~Wakaremichi (The Feels! Yes this is a rare pokemon I bet (T_T) buhuhu)
~Nakigahara (The Soul! Such a grim song, but it made me so happy listening to it at one point)
~etc... there are a lot...
Basically most of the songs from their albums DISORDER, NIL, and STACKED RUBBISH. I know I have a better chance of hearing these songs if I go to their 20th anniversary. Hehe...

      I also wonder if I should give them gifts at the Meet & Greet, or would that be a bother for them? Hmmnnn... Anyway, to anyone who reads this post, who else is going to see The GazettE in your country? 
     Thank's for reading! ^_^


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