ADVENTURE - HOLIDAY 2015 | 4-Day Cruise Adventure: Catalina Island

Panoramic view of Catalina Island ~ My First Adventure Post! Starting this year, I'll be blogging more on my Travel Adventure...

 photo 7_zpscdbvy4j5.jpg
Panoramic view of Catalina Island
My First Adventure Post!
Starting this year, I'll be blogging more on my Travel Adventures ^_^

So my sisters and I made a little escape away from the NorCal winter cold, just for a little while.

Carnival Cruise 4-Night Baja Mexico Cruise Itinerary
  • Depart at Long Beach, CA 
  • Day 1: Catalina Island, USA
  • Day 2: Ensanda, Mexico
  • Day 3: At Sea
  • Day 4: Arrive back at Long Beach, CA
    This is our first time ever going on a cruise. It was supposed to be a family trip, but just the three of us sisters ended up being able to go, because both our parents weren't able to get time off from work.
Departure @ December 28, 2015:

      We actually got to the Long Beach Port half an hour before we the cruise liner was supposed to deport. LATE! We called earlier in the day to inform Carnival that we'd be late due to traffic, so even if the three of us were super stressed checking in, the staff were fairly calm. They must be used it. Haha. We were the last ones to board the ship :P
      From NorCal, it took us about 8 hours to get to Long Beach. It usually only takes us about 5 hours, but traffic wans't kind to us that day. That was 8 hours since we last ate our meal, which was a light breakfast. As soon we were able to walk around on the ship, we were hungry as hell and kinda moody, especially my sister Roxxie because she just got off from her night shift when we left for Long Beach; we were hungry and lacked sleep.
      After checking out our stateroom, we went to the Lido Deck where they pretty much served food and ice cream 24/7. We snacked just enough to get us back into a good mood, because there was actually a fancy dinner every night that came with the cruise, offered to all the passengers. Great perk!
 photo cruise dinner day 1_zpssdtmwxia.jpeg
My dinner! Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail | Entrée: Steak & Baked Potato | Dessert: Lava Cake
      After our dinner, we headed back to our stateroom. I felt queasy and the sea sickness kick in that, even though I was tired, it took me quiet a while to fall asleep even if I really wanted to. Hey, it was only the first day. I got over it eventually.

Day 1: Catalina Island - December 29, 2015

     First morning on our cruise, we had breakfast a the outdoor Lido deck with a wonderful view of  Catalina Island (photo at the top).
 photo 8_zpsi4axdzc7.jpg
Day 1: Breakfast on the ship overlooking Catalina Island
     The ship was anchored away from the shore and needed boats to transport us to the island. We got on the island at around 2PM. 
 photo 6_zpstmpgb8hz.jpg
With my sisters Bee & Roxxie, when we first arrived on the island.
 photo 9_zpswk2uqef1.jpg
Quaint and tourist friendly place main street by the sea.
     The main part of the island was actually quite small. 2-3 hours of walking around the quaint town was enough. The weather was nice for winter in Southern California; it was neither too hot nor too cold. To be honest, the streets and the stores reminded me of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-sea, which are the main tourist attractions near where I live in North/Central California.
      It was a relaxing stroll. Catalina Island is cute and small, a great place to live if you want to be in Southern California, but in a peaceful location away from the large cities, yet still within reach of the party life. It is, however, not something I haven't seen before. I can always take a 15 minute drive  from I live to see the same things we saw here. We have been curious about what Catalina Island for a while, so I'm glad we got to visit anyway.

     Walking around, we did find great places to have a photoshoot and filming Bee's dance video (to be released later :3). 
 photo Catalina island stroll_zpswkuei3yq.jpeg

Next up will be:
Day 2: Ensanada, Baja Mexico
Day 3: At Sea
I will also be talking about the cruise ship and overall experience in detail.

Thank you for reading! ^_^

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